Change your life with these two ingredients!

There are no quick fixes to everything that ails the body, right? No, but there are fundaments that are required for the body’s survival. These two simple ingredients are water and sleep.
Water can heal me? Water can work miracles? Yes, and we aren’t talking about that water that turns into wine either. First off, how do I know if I need water? If you have some or all of these symptoms chances are that you are dehydrated and need water.

Symptoms of dehydration:
• Thirst
• Hunger/Cravings
• Chronic headaches
• Digestive issues
• Urinary issues

You should be drinking ½ your weight (pounds) in ounces per day. This may sound like a daunting task when you barely drink 3 glasses, but it is doable! Your body is made of 70% water, and with you constantly losing water throughout the day it is vital to keep up your intake. Crucial times to drink water are first thing in the morning, an hour before each meal, and before bed. These times will help with digestion and metabolism. Add some flavor to mix it up, cucumber and mint added to water gives a refreshing flavor. My personal favorite is lime with mineral water, yummy!
Sleep seems to be a very elusive object for most adults. You either miss it completely, can’t stay there, or just dance around it all together. If you aren’t sure that you have symptoms that could be caused by lack of sleep, here are just a few.

Symptoms of sleep deprivation:
• Brain fog
• Stress
• Anxiety
• Chronic headaches
• Sickness
• Weight gain

The common theme is the brain, and in order for our brains to function properly it needs sleep! So when you need sleep, but have issues getting to sleep how do you stop this vicious cycle? 1.) Set an alarm at night to remind you when to start heading to bed. 2.) Create a bedtime routine. 3.) Don’t sleep with the TV on. 5.) Essential oils are a great way to help calm your body, a warm Epsom salt bath with lavender added just might do the trick.
Adding water and sleep may not cure everything, BUT they are a great place to start. I know many people start New Year resolutions and give up but these are two small changes that I think will bring you great success in this New Year!

Happy New Year,
Dr. Kelsey Brown